About Automobile Logistics Network

The Automobile Logistics Network (ALN) membership consists of handpicked freight forwarders and logistics providers in each major country that export and import automobiles. They cooperate with each other to develop business opportunities among themselves in the Automobile Logistics industry.

ALN members are freight forwarders or logistics providers who are qualified and experienced in providing end to end logistics solutions for international and domestic automobile transportation at a low cost with a high return while being mutually beneficial.

ALN's policy is to have one member from each country who is equipped with knowledge in local and international policies, procedures, and regulations for export and import of automobiles. Potential members should possess experience in managing & offering manpower, machinery and warehousing.

In addition, they should have contacts with manufacturers, exporters, importers, carriers, government and non-government institutions as well as other related parties to provide complete logistics services for the industry. Automobile logistics is a specialized logistics service sector where not many logistics providers or freight forwarders are involved in.

However, this is a high revenue & profit-generating business due to the nature of its logistics complexity. Our members will be strengthened by sharing operational and marketing hints and information to become specialists in the trade. They will also be shared the details about market sizes, and available opportunities in respective countries with regard to import and export of automobiles.

This is a global network to support end to end logistics solutions for the automobile industry to deliver brand new and used units from 2 wheelers up to oversized automobiles from manufacturer to end-user via road, rail, and sea or air transport mode. The members in this network will be able to gear up to offer total solutions to their clients irrespective of the size of clients’ requirement.

An automobile is a global product that moves across every country. The manufacturers, traders, dealers and end-users thereof look for the service providers in their country and this is where the need for automobile logistics service providers arise. We are looking for prospective global partners to join with ALN. You may be the right partner in your country to enjoy the benefits and develop your business while being a successful stakeholder in our group.

We guarantee that you would be delighted to meet the members from various countries at our next conference and gain a further insight into the great opportunities available in the automobile logistics business. We warmly invite you to be a partner of AUTOMOBILE LOGISTICS NETWORK and enhance your financial returns.

  • ALN was founded in July 2018 with the objective of creating a network that seeks to connect freight & logistics specialists across the globe providing logistics solutions for automobiles.
  • Our prime objective would be to promote network development in the automobile logistics industry by inviting specialists to be ALN partners in their respective countries. ALN would also welcome both newly established as well as long-established businesses in automobile logistics from all around the world
  • ALN aims to cover the seven (7) continents to play an active role in Automobile Logistics Services
  • ALN aspires to be the reliable and trusted automobile logistics services network to support our customers by minimize the cost and maximize the space to be competitive and efficient in their respective trade lanes
  • ALN plans to innovate tailor-made and customized logistics solutions for its members to enter into uncovered business opportunities with their customers.
  • Protection of members’ interests and values within the network at all times
  • The only specialized Automobile Logistics Network in the world
  • One member per country
  • Fastest growing network
  • Each member has a proven track record for reliability and excellent service
  • ALN avails you with a multi-country business approach to your doorstep
  • ALN annual meetings connect partners from around the world
  • Assists with new business opportunities and maximize profits
  • Share expertise knowledge and market information within the industry
  • Support with freight contracts and business leads
  • Secure business within the network
  • Protect partners’ business interests at all times
  • Arranging freight for automobile on RO-RO Vessels, 20” / 40” FCL, by Air, Rail (EU), and Trucking (FTL)
  • Loading and lashing of Automobiles
  • Unloading
  • Domestic trucking and delivery
  • Customs clearing
  • Transshipment and free port handling
  • Marine insurance
  • Carnet service
  • Cross-border logistics
  • ALN is the only logistics network that the members are specialized in providing a full range of freight and logistics service solutions for brand new and used automobiles ranging from two-wheelers to the largest automobile, heavy machinery, boats, yachts, and even air crafts
  • We do not limit ourselves to passenger and commercial vehicles but also handle oversized automobiles, military vehicles and equipment, constructions, machineries and firefighting trucks.
  • Members are well-versed in finding the best logistics solutions for automobiles that require logistics arrangements for rallies, track races, off-road, hill climbs as well as other sports and specials events.
  • Members in every country offer end-to-end logistics from the factory to the showroom covering the entire spectrum of logistics