ALN would envisage staying within its core values, purpose, and vision at all times. We hope that the conference would be able to provide avenues for members to promote their business opportunities.

We hope to make the conference a unique and important event by bringing all members together in one forum.

ALN plans to organize the inaugural conference at a suitable time period and venue, aiming to bring members together by way of virtual or physical meetings.

The conference provides an avenue of convenience and opportunity for members to meet one another to improve, magnify and better understand the scope of services that the other members provide in the Automobile Logistics Industry.

The conference eventually hopes to serve as an all-in-one members group that gives access to all ALN members to discuss potential business opportunities. It is also a cost-effective way of promoting and seeking businesses to and/or from one another. Members could use this conference to make a presentation on specific topics for the interest of ALN members.

From our inaugural conference and is conduct as an event that centers around connecting and build a strong relationship, ALN strongly recommends every member to consider the most important event within the ALN network calendar for each member to meet and network.

In the event any member is unable to attend, they are permitted to nominate an alternate representative to replace the previous nominee.

The investment towards the proposed conference will be determined at the time and will be announced to all ALN members.